Training Council

About Us

The Court Reporters Training Council, established under the rules and regulations of the Board of Court Reporting, was created to improve the quality of court reporting services in Georgia through the development of training standards, curriculum, and continuing education for the court reporters in Georgia. All court reporters licensed to practice verbatim court reporting are required to obtain a minimum of ten hours of approved training per calendar year to maintain a valid certificate.

The Court Reporters Training Council roles and responsibilities include:

1. To promulgate rules and regulations to carry out this charge;

2. To proscribe, by rules and regulations, the minimum requirements for curricula and standards comprising the continuing education courses and for creditworthy activity;

3. To identify areas of training needed, and to suggest program refinements to training providers;

4. To review and investigate requests for extensions of time to complete continuing education hours based on disability, hardship, or other extenuating circumstances;

5. To evaluate course exceptions when presented for credit;

6. To cooperate with and secure the cooperation of every department, agency or board of the state government or its political subdivision in furtherance of the purpose of court reporting; and

7. To perform all things necessary to enable and adequately achieve its duties and to exercise the power granted to it.

Court Reporters Training Council Members