Resources for CE Providers

Bloom's Taxonomy

In order to ensure effective and engaging courses, providers need to know and apply the concepts presented in Bloom's Taxonomy. This model proposes a delineation and hierarchy of different cognitive processes that helps educators create lessons that require students to engage with the course material on various cognitive levels. Providers MUST provide lessons to the ICJE that show how the educator will engage the students on these various levels. In order to fulfill this requirement, providers must:

  • Include a lesson plan that outlines the different types of activities used in the course and how the provider will assess student engagement in these activities. Written assessments are not required in live courses, but the provider must have some means of assessing what the student gains from the course;
  • If written assessments are used, there must be a variety of question types (fill in the blank, multiple choice, short answer, etc.) that require the students to apply the multiple cognitive levels. A completely True/False or two choice multiple choice assessment will not be accepted as a sufficient means of assessing a student, nor will questions that only require recalling the presented information. While it is not impossible, it is difficult for a purely multiple-choice assessment to meet the variety of cognitive levels required. For this reason, the ICJE strongly recommends that providers include multiple assessment types and/or question types. Please see the linked material below for suggestions on how to best phrase questions to help incorporate the different cognitive levels:

Bloom's Taxonomy- by Patricia Armstrong, former Assistant Director, Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University.

Evaluating Source Material

To ensure accurate and up to date material, CE providers must utilize credible sources for their course materials. Please see the link below for information on how to effectively evaluate sources. Please note that Wikipedia is NOT a reputable source for educational materials.

Evaluating Resources- by The Online Library Learning Center, The University System of Georgia.

Citing Source Material

Any time you use an outside source within your course, you MUST include appropriate attribution. To fulfill this requirement, the ICJE requires that a bibliography is included with course material. Providers are allowed to use any nationally or internationally accepted style guide, though the ICJE suggests the use of MLA. See the links below for explanations and examples of how to appropriately cite sources:





Please contact the Board of Court Reporting for questions regarding approval as a CE provider at or (404) 463.3808.