Registration for Court Reporting Firms


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Court reporting firms shall register with, and receive notification in writing of approval from, the Board prior to doing business in Georgia by completing an application in the form adopted by the Board and paying fees as required by the Board. An owner or officer responsible for all representation and information made to the Board may register the court reporting firm.

A "court reporting firm" is a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporate entity, or other association that arranges, schedules, provides, and/or facilitates court reporting services, including but not limited to, the production, billing, or delivery or transcripts.

Certified court reporters who form a sole proprietorship, corporate entity, or other association to conduct their individual court reporting services and who do not employ, or otherwise utilize the services of, other court reporters shall not be a court reporting firm as defined by this Article.

Courts, agencies, or instrumentalities of local governments, the State of Georgia, or of the United States shall not be a court reporting firm as defined by the Georgia Court Reporting Act.