Note: There have been changes to the preapproval process. New and returning CE Providers need to review the requirements listed in Instructions for Preapproval Application and submit all requested material for preapproval consideration. Also, the CRTC forms have been updated; make sure you are using updated forms, as well as providing them to participants. Any course not submitted using the 2016 CRTC-4 form will not be preapproved.

Attention Providers: We are strongly encouraging providers to offer courses with ethics based curriculums. Please consult the Requirements for Ethics Curriculums linked below for further information about the acceptable topics for continuing education credit. We also ask seminars that include ethics based sections offer those hours earlier in the day to encourage attendees to take those courses.

Information and forms for organizations seeking accreditation to provide CE training for Court Reporters:

Preapproval Forms

  • CRTC-4 Request for Provider Preapproval Form
  • Form CRTC-2 is provided in pdf format for your convenience.
  • We require the adoption of the following cancellation policy:
    1. When cancelling a preapproved course, the CE provider must notify every registrant no later than 72 hours before the date/time of the scheduled course.
    2. For Emergency Cancellations—those falling inside the 72 hour prior notice rule—the provider must notify every registrant within 72 hours after the cause of the emergency cancellation.
    3. Upon notifying the registrants, the provider should explain the following:
      • the reason for the cancellation,
      • the alternate delivery option for rescheduling the course, and
      • the procedures to be followed by registrants to receive a refund of the course fee before 60 days have elapsed from the date of cancellation, or to participate in the rescheduled course.
    4. Please note that any approved course can be subject to a recommendation of a course audit at any time by BCR’s Court Reporting Training Council (CRTC). If you have any questions regarding to the course audit process please contact our office at

    Please contact the Board of Court Reporting for questions regarding approval as a CE provider at: or (404) 463.3808.